Verbos irregulares en inglés

Verbo Simple Past Past Participle Traducción
to abide abode / abided abode / abided / abidden acatar
to alight alit / alighted alit / alighted
to arise arose arisen surgir
to backbite backbit backbitten atropellar
to backlight backlit backlit
to backslide backslid backslid / backslidden reincidir
to be was / were been ser
to bear bore born / borne soportar
to beat beat beaten vencer
to become became become convertir
to befall befell befallen pasar
to beget begot / begat begotten engendrar
to begin began begun empezar
to behold beheld beheld contemplar
to belay belaid / belayed belaid / belayed
to bend bent bent
to bereave bereft bereft / bereaved
to beseech besought / beseeched besought / beseeched rogar
to beset beset beset
to bespeak bespoke bespoken
to bestrew bestrewed bestrewed / bestrewn
to bestride bestrode bestridden
to bet bet bet apostar
to betake betook betaken apostar
to bethink bethought bethought
to bid bid bid ofertar
to bid bade bidden ofertar
to bide bided / bode bided esperar
to bind bound bound atar
to bite bit bitten morder
to bleed bled bled sangrar
to blend blended / blent blended / blent mezclar
to bless blessed / blest blessed / blest bendecir
to blow blew blown soplar
to break broke broken romper
to breast-feed breast-fed breast-fed amamantar
to breed bred bred criar
to bring brought brought traer
to broadcast broadcast / broadcasted broadcast / broadcasted
to browbeat browbeat browbeat / browbeaten
to build built built
to burn burnt / burned burnt / burned
to burst burst burst
to bust bust bust reventar
to buy bought bought comprar
to can could -
to cast cast cast
to catch caught caught atrapar
to chide chid chid / chidden reprender
to choose chose chosen elegir
to clap clapped / clapt clapped / clapt aplaudir
to clear-cut clear-cut clear-cut
to cleave cleft / cleaved / clove cleft / cleaved / cloven
to cling clung clung pegar
to clothe clad / clothed clad / clothed
to come came come venir
to cost cost cost costar
to countersink countersank / countersunk countersunk avellanar
to creep crept crept arrastrar
to crossbreed crossbred crossbred cruzar
to crosscut crosscut crosscut cruzar
to crow crowed / crew crowed
to cut cut cut cortar
to dare dared / durst dared atrever
to daydream daydreamt / daydreamed daydreamt / daydreamed
to deal dealt dealt
to dig dug dug cavar
to disprove disproved disproven / disproved refutar
to dive dived / dove dived bucear
to do did done
to draw drew drawn dibujar
to dream dreamt / dreamed dreamt / dreamed soñar
to drink drank drunk beber
to drive drove driven conducir
to dwell dwelt dwelt habitar
to eat ate eaten comer
to engrave engraved engraved / engraven
to fall fell fallen caer
to feed fed fed alimentar
to feel felt felt sentir
to fight fought fought pelear
to find found found encontrar
to fit fit / fitted fit / fitted caber
to flee fled fled
to fling flung flung arrojar
to floodlight floodlit floodlit
to fly flew flown
to forbear forbore forborne / forborn abstener
to forbid forbade / forbad forbidden prohibir
to force-feed force-fed force-fed
to forecast forecast / forecasted forecast / forecasted
to forego forewent foregone renunciar
to foresee foresaw foreseen prever
to foretell foretold foretold predecir
to forget forgot forgotten olvidar
to forgive forgave forgiven perdonar
to forsake forsook forsaken
to forswear forswore forsworn
to freeze froze frozen congelar
to frostbite frostbit frostbitten congelar
to gainsay gainsaid gainsaid
to geld gelded / gelt gelded / gelt
to get got got / gotten llegar
to gild gilt / gilded gilt / gilded dorar
to gin gan gan
to gird girded / girt girded / girt ceñir
to give gave given dar
to gnaw gnawed gnawed / gnawn roer
to go went gone / been ir
to grave graved graven / graved
to grind ground ground
to grow grew grown crecer
to hamstring hamstrung / hamstringed hamstrung / hamstringed
to handwrite handwrote handwritten
to hang hung / hanged hung / hanged colgar
to have had had tener
to hear heard heard escuchar
to heave heaved / hove heaved / hove
to hew hewed hewn
to hide hid hidden esconder
to hit hit hit golpear
to hoist hoist / hoisted hoist / hoisted alzar
to hold held held sostener
to hurt hurt hurt lastimar
to inbreed inbred inbred
to inlay inlaid inlaid
to input input / inputted input / inputted
to inset inset inset
to interbreed interbred interbred
to interlay interlaid interlaid intercalar
to interweave interwove interwoven entrelazar
to keep kept kept mantener
to ken kent / kenned kent / kenned
to kneel knelt / kneeled knelt / kneeled arrodillar
to knit knit / knitted knit / knitted tejer
to know knew known saber
to lade laded laden / laded
to lay laid laid
to lead led led liderar
to lean leant / leaned leant / leaned apoyar
to leap leapt / leaped leapt / leaped saltar
to learn learnt / learned learnt / learned aprender
to leave left left dejar
to lend lent lent
to let let let dejar
to lie lay lain mentir
to light lit lit
to lose lost lost perder
to make made made
to may might -
to mean meant meant significar
to meet met met conocer
to melt melted molten / melted
to miscast miscast miscast
to misdo misdid misdone
to mishear misheard misheard
to mislay mislaid mislaid
to mislead misled misled confundir
to misread misread misread
to misspeak misspoke misspoken
to misspell misspelt / misspelled misspelt / misspelled
to misspend misspent misspent
to mistake mistook mistaken equivocar
to misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood
to miswed miswed / miswedded miswed / miswedded confundir
to moonlight moonlit moonlit
to mow mowed mown
to must - - deber
to offset offset offset
to outbid outbid outbid
to outdo outdid outdone
to outgrow outgrew outgrown superar
to outlay outlaid outlaid
to output output / outputted output / outputted
to outrun outran outrun rebasar
to outsell outsold outsold
to outshine outshone outshone
to outspend outspent outspent
to outwear outwore outworn
to outwork outworked / outwrought outworked / outwrought
to overbear overbore overborne
to overbuild overbuilt overbuilt
to overcast overcast overcast
to overcome overcame overcome
to overdo overdid overdone exagerar
to overdraw overdrew overdrawn sobregirar
to overdrive overdrove overdriven
to overeat overate overeaten
to overfeed overfed overfed sobrealimentar
to overgrow overgrew overgrown
to overhang overhung overhung sobresalir
to overhear overheard overheard escuchar
to overlay overlaid overlaid
to overpass overpast / overpassed overpast / overpassed sobrepasar
to override overrode overridden
to overrun overran overrun rebasar
to oversee oversaw overseen
to overshoot overshot overshot sobrepasar
to oversleep overslept overslept
to overtake overtook overtaken rebasar
to overthrow overthrew overthrown
to partake partook partaken participar
to pay paid paid pagar
to pen pent / penned pent / penned
to pinch-hit pinch-hit pinch-hit
to plead pled / pleaded pled / pleaded
to prepay prepaid prepaid
to preset preset preset predefinir
to proofread proofread proofread
to prove proved proven / proved probar
to put put put poner
to quick-freeze quick-froze quick-frozen
to quit quit quit abandonar
to rap rapped / rapt rapped / rapt
to read read read leer
to refit refit refit reajustar
to relay relaid relaid
to rend rent rent romper
to repay repaid repaid
to rerun reran rerun
to reset reset reset
to retake retook retaken retomar
to retread retrod retrodden
to retrofit retrofit / retrofitted retrofit / retrofitted
to rewrite rewrote rewritten
to rid rid / ridded rid / ridded librar
to ride rode ridden
to ring rang rung
to rise rose risen levantar
to rive rived riven / rived
to rough-hew rough-hewed rough-hewn
to run ran run correr
to saw sawed sawn / sawed
to say said said decir
to see saw seen
to seek sought sought buscar
to sell sold sold vender
to send sent sent mandar
to set set set
to sew sewed sewn / sewed coser
to shake shook shaken agitar
to shall should -
to shave shaved shaven / shaved afeitar
to shear shore / sheared shorn / sheared
to shed shed shed arrojar
to shine shone shone brillar
to shoe shod shod
to shoot shot shot
to shortcut shortcut shortcut
to show showed shown mostrar
to shrink shrank shrunk reducir
to shrive shrove shriven
to shut shut shut cerrar
to sight-read sight-read sight-read
to sing sang sung cantar
to sink sank sunk hundir
to sit sat sat sentar
to slay slew slain
to sleep slept slept dormir
to slide slid slid / slidden deslizar
to sling slung slung
to slink slunk slunk deslizar
to slit slit slit cortar
to smell smelt / smelled smelt / smelled oler
to smite smote smitten
to sneak sneaked / snuck sneaked / snuck escabullir
to soothsay soothsaid soothsaid adivinar
to sow sowed sown
to speak spoke spoken hablar
to speed sped / speeded sped / speeded acelerar
to spell spelt / spelled spelt / spelled
to spellbind spellbound spellbound encantar
to spend spent spent gastar
to spill spilt / spilled spilt / spilled derramar
to spin span / spun spun girar
to spit spat / spit spat / spit escupir
to split split split dividir
to spoil spoilt / spoiled spoilt / spoiled estropear
to spread spread spread
to spring sprang sprung saltar
to stand stood stood parar
to stave stove / staved / stoved stove / staved / stoved
to steal stole stolen robar
to stick stuck stuck pegar
to sting stung stung
to stink stank stunk apestar
to strew strewed strewn / strewed esparcir
to stride strode / strided stridden
to strike struck struck / stricken
to string strung strung encadenar
to strip stript / stripped stript / stripped desnudar
to strive strove striven esforzar
to sublet sublet sublet subarrendar
to sunburn sunburned / sunburnt sunburned / sunburnt
to swear swore sworn maldecir
to sweat sweat / sweated sweat / sweated sudar
to sweep swept / sweeped swept / sweeped
to swell swelled swollen
to swim swam swum nadar
to swing swung swung balancear
to switch-hit switch-hit switch-hit
to take took taken tomar
to teach taught taught ensenar
to tear tore torn
to telecast telecast / telecasted telecast / telecasted
to tell told told decir
to think thought thought pensar
to thrive throve / thrived thriven / thrived
to throw threw thrown tirar
to thrust thrust thrust confiar
to toss tossed / tost tossed / tost echar
to tread trod trodden
to typecast typecast typecast
to typeset typeset typeset componer
to typewrite typewrote typewritten
to unbend unbent unbent doblar
to unbind unbound unbound
to unclothe unclad / unclothed unclad / unclothed desvestir
to underbid underbid underbid / underbidden
to undercut undercut undercut
to undergo underwent undergone
to underlie underlay underlain
to underpay underpaid underpaid
to undersell undersold undersold
to undershoot undershot undershot
to understand understood understood comprender
to undertake undertook undertaken
to underwrite underwrote underwritten suscribir
to undo undid undone deshacer
to unlearn unlearnt / unlearned unlearnt / unlearned desaprender
to unmake unmade unmade deshacer
to unstick unstuck unstuck
to unwind unwound unwound
to uphold upheld upheld
to upset upset upset molestar
to upsweep upswept upswept
to vex vext / vexed vext / vexed molestar
to wake woke woken despertar
to waylay waylaid waylaid
to wear wore worn usar
to weave wove woven tejer
to wed wed / wedded wed / wedded casar
to weep wept wept llorar
to wend wended / went wended / went
to wet wet / wetted wet / wetted mojar
to whipsaw whipsawed whipsawn / whipsawed
to will would -
to win won won ganar
to wind wound wound
to wit wist wist
to withdraw withdrew withdrawn retirar
to withhold withheld withheld retener
to withstand withstood withstood
to wont wont wont / wonted hacer
to work worked / wrought worked / wrought trabajar
to wrap wrapped / wrapt wrapped / wrapt envolver
to wreak wreaked wreaked / wroken
to wring wrung wrung retorcer
to write wrote written escribir
to zinc zinced / zincked zinced / zincked